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10 Best Android Cleaner Apps & Speed Booster in 2022

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App cleaner is a technology that helps us in uninstalling unneeded apps and releasing phone space. It is a wonderful application that finds all unnecessary small files and safely deletes them.

Installing an application distributes many files throughout our system using the space on our hard drive unnecessarily. App cleaner finds all these files and safely deletes them. It manages the system and browser extensions. It deletes caches and deletes service files only and launches any application for the first time. So, it is a very important and useful application.

Best Cleaner Apps for Android

With cleaner apps, our devices can work more quickly which can save our time and energy and make us cool.

Now, I am going to discuss 10 best android cleaner apps.

1. Fancy Cleaner

A fancy cleaner is a tool that is used in cleaning junk and is used like a phone booster which makes our phone as fast as new. It can remove viruses and clean storage space with simply one tap. It is too famous that it has 1,000,000+ users and its download size is 1.78MB.

Main Features of Fancy Cleaner App:

  • Intelligent junk cleaner engine and speed cleaner.
  • Clean up viruses fast and easily from android.
  • One tap boost and auto clean phone memory and storage space.
  • Remove any garbage files.
  • Look at apps with passwords and patterns to protect our privacy.
  • Save battery power, virus remover, and duplicate file or photo cleaner.

2. Clean Max

Clean max is an application by which we can easily and smartly clean junk, unnecessary apps, and files. It speeds up and cools down our android. It is great too that it has 1,000,000+ users and its download size is 7.35MB.

Main features of Clean Max App:

  • Clean and optimize storage space.
  • Make phone faster than ever.
  • Adaptive schedule for smart life.
  • Extend battery life and drop phone temperature fast.
  • Keep private apps and data secure with an app locker.
  • Fast charging and memory booster.

3. Phone Cleaner

Phone cleaner is a smart tool by which we can easily clean phone cache, and release phone space. It is fast and an android power master.

It is a very smart tool that has 50,000,000+ users and its download size is 6.62MB.

 Main Features of Phone Cleaner App:

  • Clean useless application cache files.
  • Powerful junk cleaner.
  • Phone booster and RAM cleaner, replace memory, and boost phone.
  • Power clean battery saver.
  • CPU cooler and notification cleaner.
  • Boost the phone with one tap.

4. Speed Booster

Speed booster is a tool that keeps our phone fast and cleans up junk files & unnecessary applications. It is a wonderful app and it has 1,000,000+ users and the download size is 8.13MB.

Main Features of Speed booster App:

  • Automatically boost the performance of our games and apps.
  • Cleans up junk and cache files.
  • Speeds up the phone and saves battery power.
  • CPU cooler and App manager.
  • Fast and easy to use.

5. Cleaner

The cleaner is an app that can free up memory and temporary files or junk files and speed up our device. It is turbo cleaner, super cleaner, and cache cleaner. It has 10,000,000+ users and the download size is 9.25MB.

Main Features of Cleaner App:

  • Backup or uninstall any app.
  • Clean junk, unnecessary files & cache files.
  • Speed up our device by phone booster.
  • Privacy guard and security lock.
  • Clean duplicate files and photos.
  • CPU cooler and easy to use.

6. DU Speed Booster

DU speed booster is a cleaner app that cleans up unnecessary files& junk files and speeds up our device. It is also a battery saver and cooler app. It has 500,000+ users and the download size is 10.83MB.

Main Features of DU speed booster app:

  • Small but powerful cleaner master.
  • Scan and clean redundant APK files.
  • Guarding your privacy is easier than ever.
  • Battery saver.
  • Speeds up our device.

7. Cool Cleaner

A cool cleaner is a tool that helps us to make our device effective by cleaning junk files & apps. It also works as an anti-virus. It has 1,000,000+ users and the download size is 4.59MB.

Main Features of Cool Cleaner App:

  • Delete and clean junk, ads files, obsolete trash, memory cache, and other junk files.
  • One- tap to make the phone run faster.
  • Memory booster.
  • CPU cooler.
  • Battery saver.
  • App manager, app locker, and notification cleaner.

8. Super Clean

Super Cleaner is an application that makes our devices free from unnecessary files, and junk and makes our devices cool and fast. It has 5,000,000+ users and the download size is 22.32MB.

Main Features of Super Clean App:

  • Clean junk files.
  • Boost the phone with one tap.
  • Optimize memory and speed up our phone.
  • Antivirus, battery saver, and CPU cooler.
  • App manager, cache cleaner, and game booster.

9. iClean-Booster

iClean booster is a super clean and memory booster. Our device worked well and speeded by this app. It helps us in cleaning junk files and frees up memory. It has 10,000,000+ users and the download size is 28.01MB.

Main Features of iClean- Booster App:

  • Navigate and stop overheating apps.
  • Scan and clean every potential virus.
  • Clean and boost SNS apps.
  • Free up storage and clean junk files.
  • Keep information secure and a better saver.

10. 360 Cleaner

360 Cleaner is an awesome tool that helps us, especially in cleaning our junk files. It is a great tool that is also an app locker and battery saver. It has 1,000,000+ users and the download size is 8.01MB.

Main Features of 360 Cleaner App:

  • Free up memory, speed up our phones and save battery.
  • Delete cache files, residual junk files, AD junk, and obsolete APKs.
  • Temperature cooler and CPU cooler.
  • Application manager and battery saver.
  • Fast charge, app lock and power saver, and vault.
  • Auto clean background app.

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Cleaner Apps is the most wonderful application that makes our life easy because these apps help us in clearing all junk files and unnecessary apps, by which we do our work freely and easily. And these save our phone battery and save our energy& time.

Hopefully, this article may help you to know about the best App cleaner. Now your turn to announce your best-loved app cleaner.

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