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10 Best App Lockers for Android Phones 2022

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App locker is an awesome system that allows us to lock any type of file or any type of application and in this case nobody can access or uninstall those files or applications. With this application only we can open our private files or any things like photos, videos, and even contract and individual messages.

It is a very simple but powerful app by which we can add an additional safety net to our devices and never worry again about handing it over to a family member or a friend.

It is a lightweight app that helps to protect any type of file or application by using a password. Nobody can access those files or apps without a password.

Best Android App Lockers:

Nowadays, app locker is too much important for our androids.

Now, I am going to declare to you the 10 best app lockers for android.

1. LOCKIT-App lock

Lockit-app lock is a lightweight tool that is used in securing any type of file or app using a password. By setting a password, nobody can open those files or apps. It has great fame in that it has 10,000,000+ users and its download size is 6.33MB.

Main Features of LOCKIT- App locker App:

  • Lock apps containing private content by using a pin, pattern, and fingerprint.
  • Hide photos and videos.
  • Protect all our secrets in real-time.
  • Prevent intruders who try to unlock our apps.
  • Fake cover and clean notification junks.
  • Lock apps, incoming calls & new apps and it is user-friendly.

2. App-Lock

App-lock is an application locker and privacy guard. It is a simple app that gives security about our important files or private files & apps by making a password. It is too easy to use and it has 10,000,000+ users and the download size is 8.08MB.

Main Features of App-Lock App:

  • Choose favorite themes from the app lock them in-store or customize themes.
  • Take photos of intruders who trying to break into your android.
  • Replace App- lock icon with alarm clock, weather, and notepad and keep privacy safe.
  • It is more user-friendly.
  • Power saver and one tap to enable/ disable App-lock.
  • Lock apps, photos, and videos.

3. App lock- Fingerprint

App lock- A fingerprint is a tool that is used in protecting our private apps or files. It is a powerful application that gives us privacy by a password. It has 1,000,000+ users and the download size is 5.86MB.

Main Features of App lock-fingerprint App:

  • Lock system apps, social network apps, gallery apps, and games.
  • Unlock with passcode, pattern, and fingerprint.
  • Easily search for apps to lock.
  • Beautiful and colored application lock screen interface compatible with the application.
  • Support locking newly installs apps.

4. App-Lock-Lock Apps

App-Lock lock is an application by which we can easily prevent anyone to access our private files and apps. It is a smart app that it has 1,000,000+ users and the download size is 14.10MB.

Main Features of App-Lock lock app:

  • It can lock as many apps as we want by giving a password, pattern, or fingerprint.
  • Find out the intruder with the camera.
  • Hide App lock use a compass icon instead of app lock.
  • Battery saver.
  • And phone cleaner.

5. App- lock Aurora

App-lock Aurora is a wonderful tool that safe our application and privacy guard and protects all our privacy. It is great too it has 10,000,000+ users and the download size is 7.33MB.

Main Features of APP-Lock Aurora App:

  • Lock any apps with a password, PIN lock, or pattern lock.
  • Lock and hide private photos and secrete videos.
  • Lock social apps & systems.
  • Snap a photo of who tried to break our privacy.
  • Use fake icons & lock newly downloaded apps.

6. App-lock

App-lock is a tool that supports protecting our private files and apps. It also supports fingerprint lock and cloud sync. It is an outstanding tool that has 100,000,000+ users and downloads size is 9.16MB.

Main Features of APP-LOCK App:

  • Lock apps with passwords, patterns, and fingerprints.
  • Hide pictures and videos and well-designed themes.
  • Intruder selfie and private SNS.
  • Hide app lock icon, customize background & profiles.
  • Advance protection, quick lock switch, and user-friendly.

7. Secret App-Lock

Secret app-lock is an app that locks private photos, files, contact, call, and mail. It also protects security and messenger. It is a powerful app that keeps our important and private files safe. It has 10,000,000+ users and the download size is 6.78MB.

Main Features of Secret App-Lock:

  • Secure prevents App-lock from being killed by task killer.
  • Most powerful protection and easy to use.
  • Photo vault and video vault.
  • Lock switch and app lock fingerprint password.
  • Fast, 3D secure scan, phone setting & change password.

8. App-lock

App lock is an application that keeps our private files, apps or photos, and videos safe by password pattern. It prevents others to open their own files or apps. It is a smart tool and it has 5,000,000+ users and the download size is 13.22MB.

Main Features of APP-LOCK App:

  • A lot of beautiful password lock themes.
  • Safe gallery vault, safe private photos, and videos.
  • Protect email, messages, and call logs.
  • Low memory usage, power saving & save battery.
  • Option to make invisible pattern lock.
  • Easy to lock android apps and unlock with one click.

9. App-Locker | Lock Apps

App-Locker lock Apps is a tool by which we can protect our private files and apps using a password and nobody can access them without using the selected password. It has 10,000,000+ users and the download size is 11.67MB.

Main Features of App-Locker lock App:

  • Lock system settings to prevent an unwanted change.
  • Lock apps with password, fingerprint, and pattern.
  • Secure social apps, photos, messages, and mail.
  • Keep our data secure from prying eyes.
  • Awesome themes and material design.
  • Works flawlessly.

10. Calc Box Locker

Calc Box is an awesome application that safe our important & private files or apps and gives us security using the password. It is a famous tool and it has 10,000,000+ users and the download size is 4.75MB.

Main features of Calc Box locker App:

  • Hide pictures and videos and applications.
  • Disguised and inconspicuous.
  • Share to hide, fake vault.
  • Face down the lock and fake cover.
  • Intruder selfie and uninstall protection.
  • The safe browser and powerful app lock system.

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App lockers are apps that protect our files and private photos, videos, emails, and messages from others using a powerful password. These apps are too useful to use and very easy and anyone can use these apps without knowing about these apps.

Hopefully, you have read and loved this article. So, don’t be late to announce your best-loved App locker.

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