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10 Best Diary & Journal Apps for Android in 2022

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Diary & journal is a media where we can write down our thoughts, feelings, and our emotions. It is a wonderful idea that helps us improve emotionally. It is a beautiful and healing process that helps us build better habits & build new ones.

In this case, there are many diary & journal apps where we can note down our thoughts and everything we want. So, we don’t have to carry an extra notebook or paper or journal. We can easily carry our androids. That is the reason, diary & journal apps are a great idea.

Best Diary & Journal Apps for Android:

We can quickly type out our thoughts in these diary & journal apps. Now, I am going to tell you about the 10 best Diary & Journal Apps for Android.

1. Diary & Notes

Diary & Notes is an outstanding app that allows us to write down our daily memoirs, simple notes & journal. It allows writing a diary with a simple user interface. It has 10,000+ users and the download size is 7.69MB.

Main Features of Diary & journal App:

  • Easy navigation between dairy entries.
  • Create, modify and delete entries in a very simple and intuitive way.
  • Backup and restore our data.
  • Describe our mood with many emotion stickers.
  • Create text notes, search in all folders and save links.
  • Export folder to a test file and auto-saving notes.

2. LokJot- Journal/ Diary

LokJot-Journal/ Diary is an application that is used in writing our thoughts down. It provides a simple and clean interface for us to add journal entries and it is 100% offline, which means we are the only person to ever see what we write. It has 500+ users and the download size is 8.94MB.

Main Features of Lokjot-Journal/ Diary App:

  • Always free and dark mode.
  • Search and categorize our journal entries.
  • The medium-like editor allows for bullets, lists, quote blocks, and headers.
  • Multiple fonts to choose from.
  • No, sign up and sign in.

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3. Diary-Write Journal

Diary-Write Journal is a tool that allows writing daily thoughts, and memories and adding photos. It is a great app and there we can see our writing thoughts anytime which gives us happiness. It has 500,000+ users and the download size is 8.35MB.

Main Features of Diary-Write Journal App:

  • Lock and protect daily private notes with a security code.
  • Personalize your diary by picking one of our themes and by setting a custom font style.
  • Back up journal entries and never lose memories.
  • Express using a lovely mood tracker.
  • Set a daily reminder to write thoughts or feelings.

4. Flow Journal: Write a Diary

Flow Journal is a wonderful medium where we can put down our daily thoughts, and emotions, and writing our thoughts in a journal improves our motivations and leaves us to sleep better. It has 1,000+ users and the download size is 39.6MB.

Main Features of Flow Journal App:

  • Daily reminder to reflect.
  • Organize our day with themes.
  • Track themes and notice patterns over time.
  • Completely privacy.
  • Ads are free and discover which themes are correlated, and which are not.

5. Diary with lock

Diary with a lock is a system where we can frequently put down our daily memories, thoughts, and emotions. It is a great app that makes us happy by giving us the chance of reviewing our memories. It has 50,000,000+ users and the download size is 2.96MB.

Main Features of Diary with lock App:

  • Password and pin code protection.
  • Change text size and font.
  • Download backup, easy to search and reminder.
  • Mood trackers, personalize background color.
  • Secure & user-friendly

6. Daily Life- Diary, Journal

Daily Life is a great application that is used in recording our daily memories, thoughts, and emotions. It is a secure app where lots of functions work. It has fame and it has 1,000,000+ users and the download size is 27.97MB.

Main features of Daily Life-Diary, Journal App:

  • Attach multiple pictures.
  • Search by dates with the calendar.
  • Password and diary alarm.
  • Hush tag function and attach music.
  • Setting profile and diary data backup.
  • PDF feature, pen drawing, and journal with special places.

7. Luna Diary

Luna Diary is a system that captures our daily thoughts, and memories. It is a wonderful application that makes us happy giving us the chance of remaindering our memories. It has 1,000,000+ users and the download size is 8.46MB.

Main Features of Luna Diary App:

  • A moon shape widget.
  • Various themes and Diary with lock.
  • Express the mood of the day as the moon.
  • Keep photos, videos, and music.
  • As we use a diary, the number of flowers and starts increased.

8. Chat Journal

Chat Journal is a diary app that contains notes, a habit & mood tracker, journal with a pin lock. It is an excellent journal that makes journaling fun, quick, and easy. It has 10,000+ users and the download size is 8.75MB.

Main Features of Chat journal App:

  • It is a simple but powerful app for taking quick notes.
  • Timeline, Statistics, labels and mood trackers.
  • Images, Hashtags, and daily questions.
  • Light and dark themes and cloud backup.
  • Supports password and reminder

9. Diary, Journal, Notes

Diary, journal, and notes is a wonderful tools where we can record our past, and present memories and activities, ideas and moods, and expenses. It is a great app that it has 1,000,000+ users and its download size is 5.88MB.

Main Features of Diary, journal, notes App:

  • A travel diary or road journal is valuable documentation of a journey.
  • Food journal and Dream journal.
  • Mood tracker and diet journal.
  • Write anytime, anywhere, and can set a reminder.
  • Add photos and many themes.

10. Diaro- Diary, Journal

Diaro- Diary, is a Journal app that is designed to write our activities, and contain our memories, habits, and thoughts. It is a wonderful tool that stores our personal movements. It has 1,000,000+ users and the download size is 12.14MB.

Main Features of Diaro-Diary, Journal App:

  • Secure and private templates.
  • Automatic geotagging and calendar view.
  • Mood tracker, organize and backup & restore.
  • Statistics, SYNC, import and export.
  • Attach unlimited photos, notes, and speak to write, voice to text.
  • Share diary, and photos via mail, or SMS.


Each day passes by, and you have nothing to prove that it even occurred. In this case, keeping a journal can help you and it gives you an in-depth analysis of your life and helps you shorten the gap between who you are and who you intend to be. So, today it is easy to use and carry a journal or diary in our androids.

Hopefully, you have loved the review article, and don’t forget to announce your best-loved diary & journal apps.

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