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10 Ways To Become A Successful Streamer

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Streaming is becoming one of the fastest-growing ways for people to earn a living. People are turning into platforms like Twitch and Youtube to watch others play video games, ASMR, and more. Ninja, the most popular streamer on the planet, has made millions over the past few years. How to become a successful streamer will take hard work but anyone can succeed.

Millions are flocking to buying streamer gear to become the next big thing in the world of streaming. There is no real answer to becoming a successful streamer but there are guidelines to standing out. Here are 10 ways to help you become a successful streamer.

How To Become A Successful Streamer

1. Have a Schedule

 It might seem weird to talk about consistency when gamers are stereotyped as being erratic, but your channel benefits from some predictability.

This isn’t to say that you should feel pigeon-holed into only playing one game, or even one genre of gaming.

Figuring out a schedule, like playing Fortnite every Tuesday at 5 pm, helps you build some momentum and lets your viewers know when next they can tune in.

You can use streaming software like Streamlabs as seen above to create a simple scheduler letting people know when you are going live next.

2. Leverage Your Social Media

The beginning stages of your streaming career might be a bit lonely – everyone’s got to start some way though. You won’t automatically get thousands of subscribers just by clicking “Go Live”, you’ll need to grind it out and build a following.

To start with, use all the social media influence you have at your disposal. If you’ve got a big group of friends on any of the platforms, post about it and let them know when and where they can catch you. Sure, you might get the weird uncle joining in while you get the ball rolling, but a viewer is a viewer, right?

Social Media is a powerful tool and using it will be key to your success. Twitch allows the creation of clips which are easy to download and share to your socials. This is a very good first step in producing quality content to your different accounts.

You can then use hashtags to find the best results.

3. Make Friends

Remember when Drake played Fortnite with Ninja? Same idea, just on a smaller scale. Find a friend that’s also starting out and interested in the games you like to play and stream together sometimes.

Your fans might follow and support their channel, and the same goes the other way. In general, extra exposure beyond what your circle of influence can offer will always help you build a more successful stream.

You can join our discord to get started. We are building a community of streamers looking to help and build each other up. One of the best ways to get exposure is to chat with others and join a community.

4. Don’t Beg for Money

One of the biggest pet peeves for viewers is someone begging for money. If you are going to start asking for your viewers to subscribe or donate. You will quickly go back to zero viewers.

Make sure that when you do get that first donation or subscriber don’t forget to thank the viewer. Even the biggest streamers, who are getting thousands of subscribers each day thank everyone they can. You shouldn’t miss anyone, remember no one has to pay you a dime.

5. Be Yourself

Your time on camera (assuming you use a webcam while you stream, of course) is important. Your viewers obviously don’t want ingenuity, but if it shows that you’re not really interested in what you’re doing on stream then it doesn’t give them much incentive to watch.

Not everyone sets out to make a career out of streaming, but it is still important to take pride in what you do. Your energy is infectious and will help build a successful stream.

Whatever you do, make sure it is something you can maintain daily, even when you are streaming to less than five viewers.

6. Stand Out Among the Crowd

For every one streamer you can name, there are no doubt thousands of others that are fighting for views.

Take some time to consider what your “thing” is – what will make your stream different from the others and make people want to watch it.

Doctor Disrespect built a strong personal brand that people loved to watch and engage with.

Tfue grew his audience for his amazing gameplay along with his personality.

Bugha gained his fame after winning the Fortnite World Cup and now has a following that watches his daily streams.

Consider what angle you’re going to take when building your stream persona so that you can stand out and gain some attention online.

7. Take the Slow Approach to Building Your Setup

A common mistake new streamers make is blowing a whole lot of money on their streaming set up before building a channel.

With so much invested in gear, it can weigh on your mind and may ultimately make you give up because you’re not seeing the kind of return on investment that you’d hope.

The solution is taking a more conservative approach, starting with what you have readily available or finding the best budget-friendly items. Lucky for you, this is what we do for a living; here are articles to get started with:

  • Best VPN For Streamers
  • Best Mixers For Streamers
  • Best Webcam For Streamers
  • Best Headset For Streamers
  • Best Lighting For Streamers
  • Best Green Screen For Streamers

Your viewers won’t cry if you’re only streaming in 720p instead of 4K when you’ve only been doing it for a month.

As you start building momentum, you can look at upgrading components within your setup to improve quality and help the longevity of your enthusiasm for streaming.

8. Keep Your Stream Fresh

It takes a die-hard fan of a game or streamer to watch a full four-hour stream. To make things a bit more interesting, take part in challenges or tournaments.

It will test you as a gamer as a whole, but also make for great content to stream that is a cut above the straightforward, sweaty gameplay that’s getting streamed on every other channel.

NickMercs has a big following, that doesn’t stop him from competing in tournaments, he even started his own tournaments in recent months.

Entering any type of tournament can boost your viewers and provide you that exposure you need.

9. Set Achievable Goals

You might look at established streamers’ goals and feel intimidated – tens of thousands of subscribers and thousands in donations feel like such a high target to reach. But, like any goal, you just need to break it up into sections and celebrate your progress.

A good first step is to read up on the different programs or achievements that your chosen streaming platform offers. Twitch, for example, set some goals for you on your path to becoming a partner.

Talk about these on your stream so your viewers know what you’re aiming at and can do what they can to support you in getting there.

10. Engage your viewers

You’d think it’d be obvious, but be nice to your followers.

Talk with them while you stream, follow the chat, and respond to questions or comments that they make.

It’s nice to get an on-air shoutout and be recognized as part of a community. Do everything you can to build a community of followers, rather than treating them like sheep that you want to pen into watching what you do.

It’s easy to get a big head once you get a taste of success, but the fans that have been following you from the start are just as important throughout your journey to building a successful stream.

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Wrapping UP

Building a successful stream has become harder than it was years ago when streaming really started. If you are looking how to become a successful streamer, there is no correct answer. Everyone gets to the top differently.

Any information you can get from fellow streamers is great, just don’t pay for the advice. Everyone started at different times, different luck, and a different way to the top. Don’t think if you pay someone for monthly memberships that it will get you anywhere. The best place is our discord, it’s free and you will meet tons of people.

Learning How to become a successful streamer has no clear answer but if you work hard, provide quality content, and stick to a schedule you will gain viewers. The more exposure you have the better.

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