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The Best Gifts for Streamers for any Occasion

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Finding the best gifts for streamers has become more popular over the holidays. As more people try to take the step into becoming a full-time streamer. We have compiled the best gift ideas for that person in your life that is looking to take streaming to the next level.

You will find 8 of the most important streamer gifts that will help your loved one improve the quality of their stream.


1. Stream Deck

The best gift for streamers is a stream deck. One of the last items a streamer will purchase is a stream deck making it one of the best gifts for any occasion. No longer will they have to navigate from window to window.

The best stream deck on the market is the Elgato and it comes in various options. This will allow the streamer to preprogram everything, a button can be programmed to switch between screens from your gaming screen to your full screen.

A stream deck is also good at controlling the recording process of your stream. You can clip a segment of the stream, change views, and much more.

2. Microphone

A microphone is one of the most important parts of streaming, if they can’t understand you they won’t stay around. A Microphone makes speech clearer and make your stream seem more professional.

There are plenty of microphones on the market but the best are from Blue and Razer. The Blue Yeti has made a name for itself as the top streamer microphone. It has thousands of reviews and most of the top streamers use a Blue Yeti. Razer is known for high-quality gaming accessories and it only makes sense they have a microphone.

The choice is yours in what you gift to streamers but if you want to make the holidays great for them, we suggest getting either Blue Yeti or Razar Microphone

3. Water Bottles

Hear us out on this one!

One of the biggest problems streamers have is not drinking enough water. When you are playing games for 8 hours a day it is important to stay hydrated. Streamers have audiences when they are live and active so the less time they have to get up the better.

HydroMate is the perfect gift for streamers who need a place to hold water. You will not have to get up often as they will hold plenty of water, energy drinks, or soda.

A dehydrated streamer is not good for business. You will not be upbeat, staying hydrated allows you to produce great content for hours and not get tired.

4. Webcam

If you know the streamer you are getting the gift for prefers to keep their face out of sight you can skip this gift.

Logitech has made one of the best webcams for streaming with the Logitech C920 webcam. This webcam has the ability to record at 1080p30 and even allows for 720p30 for slower connections.

An important part of any streamer’s journey is the ability to produce quality content, this webcam will make sure that the quality of the stream is always high.

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5. GoXLR Mixer

Having a mixer makes streaming easier and allows you to adjust your volume in real time. This eliminates having to go into your setting each time. A mixer allows you to move the volume and clarity of your microphone with buttons and knobs.

The GoXLR mixer is the best mixer for streamers as it provides just enough for you to get the perfect sounds. Mixers are especially good for singers and anyone in the ASMR streamer field.

The mixer doesn’t just help make you sound better, you can change your voice gender, compress audio, record samples, and even make that always fun robot sound.

If you are looking for a gift for a streamer that will up the quality of the stream, the GoXLR mixer is the perfect product.

6. Steam Gift Cards and More

Streaming started with people playing games and broadcasting the content live. It only makes sense to buy them a gift card so they can purchase more games! Stream is now the premium way of buying some awesome games. With millions of games, it’s the perfect gift for any streamer.

Stream is only one of the many places you can get gift cards for streamers. You can purchase gift cards for Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and EpicGames stores. This is perfect for any console streamer or someone who is a dedicated Fortnite player.

7. Second Monitor

A majority of streamers have more than one monitor, as this helps keep the stream less cluttered and they can multitask discreetly.

If you know a streamer who is just starting out or only has one monitor currently a monitor is a good gift. A good second monitor is the ASUS monitor. You can really pick anything as this won’t need the same requirements as the main monitor.

Streamer monitors are optimized to provide the best experience, who knows the second monitor you get could become their first depending on what you get. Having a second monitor allows them to organize all of the other functionality like Streamlabs, music, and more on the second monitor.

Getting a streamer a second monitor is one of the best gifts they will ever get.

8. Green Screen

Green screens are perfect for gaming as they make it easier for the streamer to blend into the game or environment they are streaming. They make an awesome gift for streamers because they can enhance the streamers.

Green screens are placed behind the streamer so when they have the camera on you are able to make the backdrop whatever you want. A green screen is an awesome gift for that streamer who is looking to get out of the stream.

We recommend another Elgato product, the Elgato Green Screen is large enough for most streamers. It is easy to put together and take apart perfect for streamers with minimal space.


There are plenty of gifts for streamers this holiday season. If you know someone who is looking to get into streaming you can check out our best pc’s for a streaming guide to give them the ultimate gift.

If your budget is tight, then the best option is for you to get a water bottle for them. You can also share their content on social media to support them or simply subscribe to them if they have become a Twitch affiliate.

Whatever you do, the best gifts for streamers are endless and just your support for them will go a long way. Comment below some other ideas for streamers.

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