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Best Lighting For Streaming in 2022

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Are you a fan of streaming on a mixer or twitch? If yes, you know how important it is to have good lighting. It is especially critical if you will be using a background eraser or a green screen. You get a smoother transition from body lines to the background. Finding the best lighting for streaming is an important step in your streaming setup.

You have the option of desktop lighting or softboxes. The difference between the two is size. Softboxes are typically used in photography and need a lot of space. Desktop lighting is cheaper and requires less space because you mount it on your desktop or webcam.

Determining the Lighting Setup

It can be challenging to master lighting due to certain variables. Such include what and when you are streaming, and whether you are near a window.

The trick for optimal lighting is to use natural light to illuminate your shoulders and face while minimizing shadows. You can achieve this by having three sets of softbox lighting on either side of your desk, and one behind to project the light downwards. If you do not have sufficient space, opt for smaller desktop varieties.

You have natural sources of light, place the softbox in the opposite angle to illuminate the uncovered sections. If you only have one soapbox, place it right behind your desk for optimal lighting.

Best Softbox Options for Streaming

A softbox modifies light by decreasing dark shadows or softening harsh light. It consists of a semi-transparent fabric in front of the bulbs.

Mountdog 20” X28” Professional Photo Continuous Lighting Kit – Best Budget Softbox

  • 1350 W
  • 1820 lumens
  • 27-80” adjustable stand
  • 210-degree rotation
  • Daylight bulb

The Mountdog Softbox Lighting kit delivers on wattage at a friendly price point. It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and beginner-friendly. It comes as a full kit and allows for greater versatility in terms of where you can use it. This is a bit bulky and you will need sufficient room.

 Neewer Dimmable Bi-Color LED With U-Bracket

  • 29W
  • 3360 lumens
  • 480 LED bulbs

You get space-saving capabilities with the Neewer dimmable LED lightbox. Instead of the typical lights, you get LED panels that last longer and provide excellent contrast with the overhead Lights of your monitor. You can adjust the lighting and color temperature as you wish. Considering the price range you get tons of excellent features. You may however need to diffuse the light for a more natural look with diffusers such as the Kamerar D-Fuse.

Neewer 700W Professional Photography 24×24 Softbox Kit – Best Overall

  • 700 W
  • 2300 Lumens
  • Height 41-88 inches
  • 180-degree rotation
  • light bulbs- incandescent

Affordable, high quality, lightweight, and easy to store are some of the benefits of the 700W softbox. Easily adjust the lighting to the brightness level you desire. You get two softboxes that allow for optimal positioning depending on your needs. At the price point, you get features of some of the high-end soapboxes, without breaking the bank.

Fovitec 1x20x28” Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit- Most Professional Set-Up

  • 1000 W
  • 1500 lumens
  • Height – 2.3 to 7.6
  • 210-degree rotation
  • Light bulbs- fluorescent

Fovitec kit gives customization flexibility depending on the space you have. You can mount them wide or tall with telescopic adjustments. Whether you buy one, two, or three soapboxes your setup will look professional. You achieve zero shadow effect with 3 softboxes placed on either side and above. It is especially useful if you do not have natural lighting as the bulbs give out daylight color. The five bulbs allow you to adjust the lighting to suit the time of day or run requirements.

Excelvan Studio Lighting Kit

  • 1250W
  •  3200 lumens
  • Height 2.726 feet
  • 210-degree rotation
  • light bulbs – energy saving

Soften studio light and eliminate overexposure and hotspots with the lightweight Excelvan lighting kit. You would be hard-pressed to find anything that gives you near-perfect studio lighting at that price point. Assembly and storage are easy, making it a handy kit to have.

Best Desktop Lighting for Streaming

Desktop lighting saves on space and is more affordable than a softbox This is a popular option for streamers who are looking to get some better lighting without having to have the full production of the advanced lighting.

If you are new to streaming or even a seasoned veteran having any of these will provide you with the best lighting for streaming.

Neewer Ring Light kit

  • 55 W
  • 29.5 to 61 inches
  • 90-degree rotation
  • individual LED bulbs

The Neewer ring light is versatile and allows you to adjust the lighting to bright or dim. Create the natural sunlight feel with the orange light cover that comes as an optional feature. When you compare it to other brands, it is very affordable. The LED bulbs are many instead of one ring; even if one is out, the others will continue to work just fine.

Ace Takens Webcam Ring Light For Logitech Webcam – Best Overall

  • 10W
  • LED bulbs
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Compatible with Logitech C9 20, C922x C930, C925e,C615 and BRIO webcams

Logitech Webcams are highly recommended and widely used webcams, making the Ace Taken Ring light an excellent buy. Simply mount it on your Logitech webcam and save on desk space. It has three light settings, adjustable temperature, and color settings.

Mactrem 6” LED ring light

  • 60-degree rotation LED bulb
  • USB-powered, quick access remote
  • Mactrem 6” LED with the tripod stand

The Mactrem is affordable, versatile, and shares a lot of similarities with the Ace Taken. You get adapters, an adjustable tripod, and three color settings, making it suitable for any time use, .

WongPong 5.7 Ring Light

  • 11 to 25.6 inches
  • 360-degree rotation
  • LED bulbs
  • 5.7” ring
  • Quick access remote, USB powered
  • tripod stand

The WongPong Ring light is compact, powerful, and flexible, due to the 10 different light settings. You get a series of bulbs instead of a ring, thus better durability.

Lume cube 2.0 – Most Compact

  • 1500 lumen
  • 1.5 cubic inches
  • Daylight LED bulbs
  • Excellent photo, video, and content creation

The Lume is one of the most compact lighting for streaming. It is one of the strongest lights on this list even though it is small. These are perfect for IRL streaming as you can travel very easily with them. Lume is also waterproof up to 30 feet.


As you can tell by our list, there are many different styles of lighting. The most important thing about finding the best lighting for your stream is understanding what you need. Depending on the room your streaming setup is in along with how much room you have determines what to pick. If you are tight on space the ace-taken webcam is one of the best on the market.

If you are looking for one of the most professional lighting for streaming, you should go with the Mountdog. The mount dog is a professional setup and provides you with amazing lighting. You are sure to have all the people watching your stream see you that much better.

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