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How To Configure Fastest VPN To KODI

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Kodi as we all know is an open-source media player application that enables its users to stream videos, music, podcasts, etc from the internet for free.

What then is Kodi VPN?

Kodi VPN safeguards the user’s online privacy and keeps his identity secret. In some countries, streaming restricted TV shows and movies can be an offense. In such cases, VPN will encrypt your web traffic and keep your identity secret. Thus, if a user activates the VPN before running Kodi, then he or she can freely stream videos and movies without any restrictions or blockages.

Among the VPNs available, today undoubtedly ExpressVPN is the best. The Express VPN app must be downloaded first. So, sign up for its service and complete the download formalities. You can then connect with any one of the 3000+ servers and ExpressVPN will run in the background.

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The steps to configure or install a VPN for Kodi on Android can be done in three easy steps.

1. Firstly, launch the ExpressVPN app on your Android Device.

2. Tap on the button ‘location picker’ and select your desired location. Recheck the location and IP address to confirm if the VPN connection is working or not.

3. Open and Run Kodi in the normal way from your Android Device.

The question arises, why configure VPN to Kodi? The reasons are many. Mainly it is because of:


Some of the add-ons are not available in certain locations due to censorship by different networks. In such cases, Express VPN will help you to change your virtual location. This will enable the add-ons to run smoothly.


ExpressVPN encrypts the web traffic so that other third parties cannot read your traffic. So whatever content you view through Kodi will not be logged thereby keeping your privacy safe and secure.


Since ExpressVPN runs its private zero-knowledge DNS on every server, the DNS leaks are prevented. The Network Lock or Kill Switch stops all traffic in case your device is disconnected from the VPN without any cause.

There are other good VPNs for Kodi such as Ivacy. It offers OpenELEC VPN for Kodi users. To configure this fastest VPN to Kodi, simply follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Start Kodi and go to the Settings Menu. From there, go to File Manager.

2. Double click on the button ‘Add-Source’.

3. In the box, enter the complete URL of Once the full URL is entered, click on OK.

4. From the Kodi Home Screen, Click on Add-Ons, then go to the Add-On Browser. Install from a zip file.

5. It will take a few minutes for the installation to complete. Then Go to the Program Add-ons and then to the Ivacy Monitor OpenVPN. This will take you to the Add-on Settings.

6. In the box, enter the Ivacy username and password. Kodi is now ready to be used along with Ivacy Add-on.


Similarly, KodiVPN can be configured for Firestick as well in simple steps. Today, the fastest VPN for Kodi can be ExpressVPN and IvacyVPN. Both help in bypassing the restrictions and stream blocked content easily.

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