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How To Grow on Twitch As A New Streamer?

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As Twitch has become the hub for streaming, the competition has become bigger. How to Grow on Twitch is a question that is asked often for new streamers.

As there is no set way to grow your stream, there are plenty of guidelines on helping you increase your stream. We have compiled a list of six of the best ways on how to grow on twitch. We have compiled this information from looking at streamers and asking the community what they think is the best way.


1. Set a Schedule

Before streaming and binge-watching, cable television broadcasts forced fans to wait a full week to watch the next episode of their favorite show.

Week in and week out, if the show was popular enough, fans would tune in reliably to watch the next episode.

Twitch streamers have a lot to learn from that. The consistency that a stream schedule brings helps your channel be more predictable and grows your fan base as they learn when to watch your stream.

There are many benefits to sticking to a schedule, and they all help build momentum for your channel by getting more views and subscribers.

There are plenty of free overlays for you to get amazing panels on stream. You can even use a company streaming service like StreamLabs that has built-in schedule displays.

2. Network Outside of Twitch

Many think of streamers as gamers that are talented in their chosen games. The successful streamers view themselves as self-employed business people who are building a personal brand that they ‘sell’ to their viewers.

This often extends far past just their Twitch stream, using other platforms like their Instagram accounts to reach an even larger audience.

It’s important to make that distinction because a lot of streamers that are trying to get their streams started will focus completely on what they do on Twitch.

It is, ultimately, important, but networking is a huge behind-the-scenes factor that could help your channel’s popularity explode.

With the right connections, you could set up a high-profile collaboration that gets your channel noticed.

You might score some sponsored gear, either to upgrade your gaming rig or to run giveaway – whichever you choose would help elevate your channel.

A good place to start is gaming discords and events, which are normally full of the kinds of people you need to network with.

One of the best factors in getting noticed is posting everywhere. If you are streaming on Twitch, you should post highlights to Twitter, Instagram. After you post your 60-second highlights, you can bundle them all up into a video on YouTube. You will see top streamers post a successful match or funny moments.

You can use these at the start to get you more exposure. Make sure you keep your information all over your channels so people know where to find you.

3. Have a Personality

Gaming is accessible to anyone – you can purchase and play any game that you’d like to experience.

What keeps people coming back to certain streamers then is often not entirely the games that they’re playing, but rather their personality – what they’re saying and doing within the game.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what kind of personality works on a stream, there are a whole variety of popular streamers who portray different personalities – from the cocky, cool Doctor Disrespect, to the down-to-earth Tfue, to the cute and wholesome Pokimane.

There isn’t a defined formula on which personality type works best, but it is important to do some research of your own and figure out your ‘on-stream’ personality allowing you to grow on Twitch.

It does help if its as close to who you are off-stream so that there is an element of genuineness about your chosen personality.

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4. Engage with the Audience

Your audience is key to growing your channel.

They follow, subscribe, and sometimes even tip their favorite streamers and it’s important that they feel appreciated.

You should talk with chat. If you are not engaging with your chat you won’t have many people sticking around. Even the biggest streamers talk with chat, so you should do it better.

Even just saying their name on-stream can help make them feel appreciated.

You can also set up custom alerts that help you hear when someone has subscribed or donated – these are important for you to acknowledge since it’s a huge sign of support for your stream and you want to encourage that kind of support.

Lastly, involve your audience in what you stream – whether that be what decisions you make in-game or what game you stream.

By involving them, they’re more likely to watch and enjoy what you do while streaming, growing your Twitch channel into a fun community.

5. Play Unpopular Games

 Would you want to be one of a thousand Fortnite streamers, or one of five streaming a more obscure game?

This might feel like a risky move since you’d think to build a popular stream you need to stream a popular game. But that isn’t always necessarily the case.

Yes, games like Fortnite appeal to the broader gaming community, but it isn’t the only game they like. Many older gamers have fond memories of games that no one remembers and would go crazy for a stream that focuses on this kind of content.

Getting noticed can be tricky, but it’s more difficult to get noticed when you are just doing what everyone else is. You might have some success giving unpopular games a shot.

6. Add Graphics to Your Twitch Description

When you’re not streaming, having the stream schedule as mentioned above is a key part. This will allow viewers to see when you will be streaming again.

What new streamers often do is fill in the bare minimum to get their channel started, opting for plain text to get the point across. One way is to download stream overlays. Stream Overlays allow you to level up your stream.

Importantly, this is a great place to use graphics to professionally display these details. For those that are wanting to build a consistent brand. Adding alerts, Panels, and sounds is a great way to get your stream looking professional.

We created an article that discusses all the best places for free stream overlays to get started. You can also get a custom one designed for you for as little as $5 on Fiverr.


How to grow on Twitch is becoming harder as time has gone on. One of the most important things to do is make sure when you start seeing viewers, treat them good. If you are nice to them, have a good personality they will come back and tell friends.

What are some of your recommendations for growing your Twitch channel? Leave a comment below.

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