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How to make the Electric Guitar Sound like an Acoustic Guitar

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It is possible to make an electric guitar sound like an acoustic guitar by making use of the software known as Mixcraft.

With some effort, it is possible to change the tuning of the instrument. Mixcraft has a wide range of music loops, real instruments, and audio effects. Recording the audio, remixing the tracks, and composing audio along with MIDI, can have an impact on the track of the guitar.

It will quickly change the computer into a fully equipped recording studio by following certain steps.

Hear the Raw track on your guitar

Open the raw guitar track at the Mixcraft software and hear the raw track tone without any impact on it.

Add Effects

Adding effects will make the track sound like an electric guitar. Add the effects from Acoustica EQ, Acoustica Distortion, and Acoustica reverb. It is feasible to custom the effects as you wish.

With the Acoustica Reverb, you have to change the high-frequency damping, stereo width, and reverberation.

With the Acoustica EQ, adjust the sound quality accordingly. You can select a fundamental low boost that provides you with a broader, profound sound.

With Acoustica Distortion, there arises the need to alter pre-gain, post-gain, and distortion. The pre-gain and post-gain are quite critical as they may blow the drums.

Hear the Track often

To make you feel the variations, you have to listen to the track again and again. In case of any changes that are needed, you can make the desired changes from the settings.

Setup the Baseline

Setting the bass line to 160BPM will help too. Listen to the tune of the guitar from the top of the baseline. A regular baseline is a drumbeat or a loop.

Make a Loop

You can copy and paste the main guitar track in any order along with the guitar tracks. Add it to hear from the raw track whenever required. Align the guitar track with the baseline whenever you need it.

You can also turn the electric guitar into an Acoustic guitar by using the Simulator Plugin by occupying the electric guitar signal using the audio signal which is connected to the computer.

The desired recording software (DAW) absorbs the amp simulator software plugin to alter the captured guitar signal which tunes like an acoustic guitar. The software is basically an actual acoustic simulator effect.

The pros of using this method are

  • Report and change the tone in real-time
  • An easy and effective way to record guitar
  • Resist buying an acoustic simulator pedal
  • Avert  recording a manual amp
  • Stop buying manual acoustic
  • Incredible versatility
  • Save, amend and re-upload the saved acoustic tones
  • Elevated customization with lots of EQ possibilities to acquire the acoustic tone

Now you are familiar with how to make an acoustic-electric guitar sound like an electric guitar.

You can think about buying the best acoustic electric guitar. It is an inexpensive way to get numerous music and to enrich the number of melodies and sounds.

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