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How To Record A Live Webinar On Your Iphone

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If you’ve ever made money through an online webinar, you know that you need to learn how to record a live webinar. If your webinar is not being recorded, then you’re losing out on potentially making a lot of money. The need for knowledge is paramount to any successful investor. Learn how to record a webinar and you’ll be well on your way!

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The newest technology today is the internet and with it came the ability to record your webinar. Years ago this would have been impossible unless you had a high-tech webinar studio at your disposal. You can now record from anywhere in the world using one of the numerous screen recording apps specifically designed for mobile use. This makes your webinar possible anywhere.

First Step To Record A Webinar

The first step is to select your webinar software. There are many to choose from so the best choice will come down to your particular needs. Some of these include Live Meeting Pro, AirVideo, Mobvoi, Online Meeting Center, ShareReplay, and Webzilla among others. You’ll want to do some research so make sure to find the one that offers the features you need for your particular event.

How to Record a Live Webinar on Your iPhone

Once you have selected your webinar software, you will need to download and install it on your computer. To do this go to the android market and search for screen recorder/webinar apps. You’ll likely find several choices and it’s important to take your time to look at each one. Some webinar hosts provide free tools but most will charge a nominal fee.

Next, you will need to download and install the screen recorder app which is shown on the Android Market. Once you’ve installed it on your android device, you can now start recording your webinars. Again, it’s important to read the instructions provided by your webinar host to know how to record a webinar on an android device.

Export Your webinars into Mp3 Format

One useful feature to look for is the ability to export your webinars into MP3 format. This is a great pro tip because you can then listen to them on your portable media player. Another pro tip would be to set up your screen recorder so that it starts recording at the same time as you enter the key information into the input boxes. This makes it so you can enter information and immediately see the results. This ensures you get the absolute most out of your webinar.

If you aren’t comfortable with editing what you have recorded there are other options available.

For example, you can use screen capture software like Camtasia to help you with editing. If you aren’t comfortable with video editing software, you may want to consider investing in a good live webinar presentation software program. These programs provide everything you need to create and edit your presentation in one location.

Integrate with Google Adwords

The final pro tip I will give you is to make sure that the webinar software you purchase allows you to integrate it with your Google AdWords account. Google AdWords is an advertising platform provided by Google that allows you to manage your advertisements with your website’s content.

By integrating your AdWords account with your website, you’ll be able to track which keywords are converting for you. This is important because you’ll want to make sure your strongest converting keywords are being used in your advertisements.

The final pro tip I have for you is to make sure the webinar you are hosting on your android device has some sort of off-screen recording feature. I know it may sound silly, but the fact of the matter is that you’ll want to make sure you can pause, play and rewind your recording at any time. You never know when an audience member may become bored or irritated. It would be terrible to have everything come to a screeching halt while you and your audience wait for the next segment.

Final Step For recording

The final step in how to record a webinar on your iPhone is to ensure that all of your webinar recording equipment is working properly. Your internet connection needs to be unobstructed so that the video stream can be viewed without any delays. In addition, there should be no connection problems or errors. Check that your microphone, camera, and speakers all operate properly.

Conclusion At Glance

As you can see from the above information, there are quite a few things to keep in mind when planning and producing live webinars. There are many different ways to record these webinars, but the five tips listed above are by far the best ones.

If you keep the information listed above in your daily planning, you should be able to produce webinars with great success. Just remember that you need to be prepared and have as much knowledge about the subject matter as possible before you begin production.

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