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How to Store Your Twitch VODs

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How to store your Twitch VODs has become more important ever since DMCA strikes have been hitting channels people are having to lose all of their work unless they do one of the items we listed below. Twitch deletes your VODs after 14 days ( 60 if you are a Twitch Partner or Twitch Turbo member), so if you want to preserve your videos, you’ll need to find a different option to store your recordings.

Here are the best ways to store your Twitch VODs

Upload VODs to Cloud Storage

One of the easiest ways to store Twitch VODs is using cloud storage. You will be able to save space on your computer and have it stored in a secure location that you can get any time you need by simply logging into your account.

One of the top encrypted cloud storage companies is pCloud. They offer a monthly or one-time payment that allows you to store tons of videos. They are one of the best services for storing all of those VODs on your record.

pCloud puts security first and has encrypted layers to protect your information and your account. They have added benefits like the ability to sync on all of your devices. You can even watch your videos inside the application to rewatch your awesome content.

One of the benefits of pCloud is if you have an editor or edit your own videos you have easy access to the account and can download any of the videos from any device you or your editor needs.

You can get started with pCloud now and start uploading today.

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Store Twitch VODs on a Hard Drive

VODs can take up tons of space if you want to store all of your VODs and store them directly on your computer. You should store them on a second driver as they will take up too much space on your main driver.

How much you stream and the quality of your videos will determine which type of drive you will want to purchase. You will need to find an option that is compatible with your computer or you can use a portable hard drive which allows for more flexibility. This is a good selection if you plan on editing your videos and use another computer to do this.

IronWolf Lacie Seagate
4TB Internal HDD 4TB External HDD 5TB External HDD
SATA 6.0 Gb/s USB 3.0 USB 3.0
64MB cache Shock/Rain Resistant Schedule Backups

Save VODs By Restreaming to YouTube

If you are looking for the cheapest way to save your VODs YouTube is your answer. You can easily upload all of your VODs and store them on Youtube. One point to note – If you are an affiliate or partner on Twitch you should make the videos private.

Create Clips and Highlights

You can save some of the best parts of your stream with Clips and Highlights will stay on your channel from 14/60 days. DMCA strikes  are ususally in Clips and Highlights so make sure to be careful. It is recommended to save the files to a harddrive so you don’t run into getting a DMCA strike.


It is good to save your past VODs to remember those good times you had on stream. As you become more popular, you will be able to reminisce on the start to your career even make some cool YouTube videos. You can build a channel and community while also saving all those great memories. It’s a win win.

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