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How To Watch Game Of Thrones Without HBO

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The moment you start enjoying a movie, show, or any other entertainment program, you want to watch it to the end. You cannot stop until you watch the last episode. If you have been a fan of ‘Games of Thrones, you would fully understand what this is all about. The premier episode of any season is the only thing that everyone is talking about and so should you!

What is HBO?

HBO is a streaming service that allows fans of “Games of Thrones” to enjoy their favorite show without restrictions. The service gives you instant access to every episode as they air. Although the first month of HBO is completely free of charge, you will be expected to pay in the following months. In simple words, on HBO, you will have to pay to watch.

After the first month’s free subscription, enjoying the other month’s demands you part with not less than $14.99/month. Paying this subscription fee might be cheap for some, but not everyone will afford it. Therefore, it would just be fair to ensure that we both enjoy watching GOT with or without an HBO subscription. 

Best Ways of Watching ‘GOT’ Without HBO Subscription

Thinking outside the box is the secret to success for survival. ‘The Games of Thrones’ premiere isn’t a small event. Therefore, bars and hotels in most cities will be packed with viewing parties. Unfortunately, you might not be able to be part of the watching parties. This however doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the show.

There are two ways that you can watch the show without using HBO. These include:

1.   Using Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers you more than an opportunity of watching different shows for free or at an affordable cost. This is virtually a popular subscription service by Amazon. Amazon members are given an opportunity to ship different products in the store for free. At the same time, they are also able to watch different shows and especially sports events under the same package.

To watch Game of Thrones, you can sign up for HBO through Amazon Prime and apply for the free 7-day trial. As we know, an HBO subscription costs $14.99/month. However, if you cancel the subscription before the 7 days are over, you won’t be charged.

2.   Use of Hulu

 You can watch Games Of Thrones on Hulu but with an addition of HBO add-on. HBO add-on costs you 14.99/month. This means you will not be saving anything as you do with Amazon Prime. Hulu has a base package that costs $5.99 per month but you are forced to watch ads during shows. However, they have an upgraded version that costs $11.99 per month but has no ads.

Winding Up

HBO has two plans; HBO Go and HBO Now. HBO Now has been identified as HBO’s standalone streaming service. With HBO Now, a cable subscription is not necessary as it is for HBOGo. If you want to enjoy watching a show or anything on the platform free, you can take advantage of the 7-day free trial.

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