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The 7 Best Nano leaf Alternatives in 2022

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Anyone who’s ever seen or heard about Nanoleaf has also asked themselves this simple question: “Why is it so expensive?” And they aren’t wrong in doing so.

In fact, more and more people are abandoning the idea of purchasing the original set when there are so many great Nanoleaf alternatives out there. And if you’re looking for a bit cheaper, more sustainable option, check our top 7 best Nanoleaf alternatives in 2021!

And if you have no idea where to start in this, you have nothing to worry about. These audio-sensitive lights are mesmerizing can confuse anyone. But you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for your ideal gaming lights setup. And while these Nanoleaf alternatives might not be as sophisticated as the original set, you can bet that they’re worth every cent.

Let’s check them out!

What are the Best Nanoleaf Alternatives?

1. Nanoleaf Canvas

The first option that we want to discuss here is Nanoleaf Canvas. This isn’t technically an “alternative” since it comes from the same firm. However, the reason why Nanoleaf Canvas might be the choice for you is that it’s essentially the same product with a slightly smaller price tag.

Nanoleaf Canvas comes in a square shape. It uses the same lighting technology as the rest of the Nanoleaf products and can be installed the same way. The dimensions are “5.9 x 5.9 x 0.4” inches and they’re extremely easy to handle. The only thing you need to think of is how you’re going to connect the 25W power cable.

The Nanoleaf Canvas kit starts at a price of $99. In this deal, you get four square pieces and all the basic equipment necessary for setting them up. This includes the power cable (8.2 feet/2.5m long), the tapes, the linkers, and a short guide manual. You can always expand the kit later and purchase more square pieces.

The Canvas set can also be controlled through the standard app, but your device must be connected to the same WiFi. It’s really a great option for those that can afford it, so we definitely recommend you to check it out!

Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit

  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

2. LIFX Tile

If you didn’t know, LIFX recently introduced their Tile set and it’s one of the best Nanoleaf alternatives out there. The pieces come in a rectangular shape and you can set them in any way you like. However, they have to be connected to each other before you put them on the wall, which means that you’ll need to assemble them on your floor/table first. There are also wires that need to be connected before mounting, but nothing too tricky.

LIFX Tile uses LED lighting. And in each rectangular piece, there is a 8 x 8 grid of LED lights. This means that you have 64 zones in each tile that work together at all times. Not to mention that they’re fully customization. Through the app, you can manipulate the lights and create your own settings, as well as use the presets.

Unfortunately, LIFX Tile isn’t the cheapest Nanoleaf alternative. In fact, the starter kit costs around $250 and you only get 5 rectangular pieces. This is a turn off for many people, especially when considering the price of the original Nanoleaf sets.

LIFX Tile really does have great features. It’s compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Home kit, and Amazon Alexa. You can also control it with your own voice, though not for everything. Some people don’t like how the colors blend between the tiles, but that’s something you have to figure out for yourself.


  • Easy set up. Beams click together end to end. Included command strips allow you to place them exactly where you want. Simply download the app, connect to Wi-Fi and youre ready to go

3. Helios Touch

Helios Touch is a simple replacement for Nanoleaf Aurora, but only if you don’t particularly like a mix of many colors in your room. You see, the Helios Touch set comes in only one color – warm white. This means that you don’t have your traditional RGB settings. Also, this product does not support a Music

Sync and doesn’t come with its own app either. So how does Helios Touch work?

Well, it is a touch-sensitive product. The pieces come in a hexagonal shape, but they’re a bit smaller than the Nanoleaf ones. The power cord needs to be plugged in only one hexagon and the rest of the pieces can be connected via internal magnets. So, no sticking and no screwing.

To use Helios Touch, all you need to do is to touch it. A simple tap will either turn on or turn off the light. And if you rest your palm on it, you can adjust its brightness and tone it up or down, depending on your liking. This allows you to customize the lighting patterns and control the way each light shines.

Helios Touch is a very good Nanoleaf Alternative, not only for gaming rooms but for offices and homes as well.

Wall Lights Touch Lamps Smart lamp Gaming Lights Modular Hexagon Lights Honeycomb Light Helios Touch Light Panels Light (10 Pack)

  • Touch Wall light :It can be turned on or off by touching the surface of the hexagon lamp.

4. Yescom WiFi Smart LED

Yescom is a bit different than the previous Nanoleaf alternatives on this list. For starters, this isn’t an actual set of pieces that you have to mount on the wall one by one. Instead, it’s a lamp that you can put anywhere in your house and enjoy nice RGB lighting.

The great thing about the Yescom WiFi Smart LED lamp is that you can change its initial shape. The product comes with 11 individual blocks. And at any time, you can take them apart and put them in whichever order you want. The fact that they can display up to 16 million colors is honestly amazing and worth your attention.

If you already own Alexa, you can connect your Yescom lamp to it. This will let you control the lighting settings with your voice. And the same can be done through Google Home.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a Nanoleaf replica. It’s a bit heavier than your regular alternative and the pieces might appear thicker than usual. However, that isn’t a big problem since the product is meant to stay on a flat surface.

Yescom 11Pack WiFi Smart LED Light Kit DIY Night Lamp Voice Control 16 Million Color Compatible with Alexa Google Home

  • DIY LED Light Kit, including 11 light blocks & 1 base; Enjoys fun of DIY: Up to 11 blocks can be spliced together to design your own shapes, shows gorgeous effects & creates romantic atmosphere

5. SELFILA Hexagon RGB Lights

The SELFILA Hexagon RGB Lights is one of the cheapest Nanoleaf alternatives you can find. Its price starts somewhere around $40, which is very affordable for gamers. The size of the pieces is somewhat smaller than the other options on this list, but the color play is worth the money.

When you first purchase the SELFILA product, you will receive 6 hexagonal blocks. They are connected to each other with magnets, so you can create the shape that you want. If you’re interested in the dimensions, the SELFILA hexagons are “4.5 x 4 x 0.7” inches. So, not as big as the original Nanoleaf product, and definitely a bit thicker.

However, these lights are touch-sensitive. With a simple wave of your hand, you can turn them on or off, as well as change the color they’re displaying. And even though you start with only 6 pieces, you can attach up to 65 of them together if you purchase some more later on.

Not everyone is impressed by the SELFILA Hexagon RGB Lights and we totally get that. The quality is obviously much lower than some of the other Nanoleaf alternatives on this list. However, if you need to stock your gaming room with RGB lighting and can’t really afford it, you can always go for SELFILA.

SELFILA Hexagon Splicing RGB Lights Hexagonal Wall Lights Modular Touch Sensitive Lights DIY Glow Homekit Multicolor Lamp Colour Honeycomb Lights

  • 【Creative DIY Shapes】Inspired from building block bricks and jigsaw puzzle and honeycomb, the selfila hexagonal LED Lights fast modular component lights are entertaining and interesting. They allow you to create unique layouts and display your personalized smart lives. You can design the panels into shapes as you like.

6. Benexmart Triangle Light Panels

The Benexmart Triangle Light Panels are one of the most popular Nanoleaf alternatives. They look and perform quite similar to the original, but there are some things you should be aware of.

First of all, these light panels don’t have individual settings. In other words – you can’t control one block independently from the rest. Once you set up your shape and stick it on your wall, you must select a color play that flows between the panels. The good thing is that there are 180 color modes which you can choose from. And that definitely helps to keep the light panels looking fresh and new.

That said, the Benexmart lights come with an app. Some people have reported that the app doesn’t have the best user interface, but that shouldn’t be a turn off for you if you like the lights. And yes, Music Sync is possible with this product.

BENEXMART Smart LED Light Panels Multicolor Triangle Panel Bluetooth Android/iOS APP Music Control Kit for Room/Party/Wall Lighting (APP + Music Control, 9 Pieces Panel kit)

  • 【Creative DIY Shapes】Inspired from building block bricks and jigsaw puzzle, the LED triangle wall lights are entertaining and interesting. Max control 900 PCS Light Panels with one Controller.

7. TP-Link Kasa Smart Led Strip

And finally, we have the TP-Link Kasa Smart Led Strip. If the basic Nanoleaf look isn’t a must for you, then let us tell you why these things are amazing and why you should check them out!

For starters, these strips come with a serious depth of settings. They’re compatible with both Alexa and Google Home, and you can control them with the Kasa Smart app. They have a bunch of lighting options and you can shuffle between them hands-free!

To install one, just stick it on the surface you want to illuminate. The strip itself is very thin and you can hide it behind everything. That’s definitely the way to go here because these aren’t Nanoleaf panels and it’s best to disguise them. But don’t make a mistake, the glow they emit is enough to light up your entire room!

If you’re creative enough, the Kasa Smart strips can be the ideal Nanoleaf alternative for you!

Kasa Smart LED Light Strip KL430, 16 Color Zones RGBIC, 6.6ft Wi-Fi LED Lights Work with Alexa, Google Home &IFTTT, No Hub Required

  • Millions of colors: Your 80 light strip features millions of colors for combinations built to suit every mood, making your home the ultimate entertainment destination.


If you are not able to afford a nanoleaf or simply don’t want to use one then these 7 items are the  Best Nanoleaf Alternatives you can find on the market. You really can’t see any issues with them as they all have good and bad qualities. It’s really comes down to you the consumer and how much you are willing to spend. If you had to ask us, which one would we pick? Nanoleaf Canvas  this is the brands cheaper model and honestly is the best you can get.

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