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The Best Microphone for Streaming in 2022

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Buying a microphone can be a complicated issue. Whether you’re just getting into streaming, or if you simply want to chat with some friends while gaming, diving into the world of microphones can often seem extremely daunting. Finding the best microphone for streaming is important.

It’s hard to know exactly how much you should be spending, and it can be unclear whether a microphone is designed with a particular user in mind.

As a streamer you want to stand out and one of the most important features in streaming is your microphone. That is why if you are trying to be a top twitch streamer, then you need the best streaming microphone you can get.

We have ranked the best microphones for streaming:

Best Microphones For Streaming in 2021

Elgato Wave 3 – Best Microphone For Streamers

The Elgato Wave 3 represents a microphone that is designed specifically with streamers in mind. For this product, Elgato teamed up with Lewitt, a company famous for quality audio equipment, to deliver high quality sound in a package which is super user friendly. We think it earns it’s reasonably high price of $160 for a number of reasons.

In terms of design, the Wave 3 screams elegance. It has minimal style, with matte black finish, a super ergonomic USB-C cable, and a nicely integrated mute button. The mic has just one control knob, which when pressed will switch between controlling a variety of things. This means that the Wave 3 achieves maximum functionality with little that can go wrong. The audio quality it records is fantastic too; boasting a sample rate of 96 kilohertz, it captures your voice with incredible tone and clarity.

Another great thing about the Wave 3 is the software it comes with. As is usual with Elgato products, the software is easy to set up and incredibly functional. You will be able to have your voice sounding exactly how you want in very little time. It also has the ability to link up with an Elgato Stream Deck. A set up including both of these products will allow you to switch between audio presets with unparalleled ease.

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JLab Audio Talk GO – Best Budget Microphone

At just $50, JLab’s contribution to the gaming microphone market is certainly a budget one. It is an incredibly good example of one however, offering as few compromises as possible

while maintaining a bank-account-friendly price tag. It even boasts some features which aren’t found in far more expensive options.

As you would expect on any decent mic, The Talk GO has a standard USB 3.0 connection, meaning maximum compatibility. It also has an ergonomically placed mute switch. One uncommon, but fantastic benefit it has, is a switch which lets you change between two directional pattern modes on the fly. These two different modes are suited to different surroundings, meaning the Talk GO is an excellent choice if you stream or game in different rooms. Aside from this, JLab’s mic offers all round good sound quality, which while not as awesome as some of the others on this list, is undeniable at its price point.

One final fantastic thing about the Talk GO is the accessories it comes with. The tripod is truly great; with rubber feet, and a nifty ball joint, getting the Talk Go positioned exactly right is a breeze. As well as this, the mic comes with two different condensers, allowing for two distinct sounds right off that bat.

Blue Yeti Nano – Best Microphone For Beginners

The Blue Yeti Nano represents simplicity and quality; this means that it’s perfect for someone who’s new to audio equipment, and not particularly confident with the technical side of things. At $99, it also comes in at an agreeable price point.

Unsurprisingly, the Nano has compact design, measuring only 8.3 inches tall when it comes on the included stand. This makes it perfect for someone who is just getting started with things, and may not be using it all the time. Aside from this, the all aluminium construction absolutely oozes quality, and the glitter-flecked paint oozes style.

The design is really ergonomic, The stand is easy to adjust, and with just two controls (a volume knob and a mute button, the Blue yeti Nano is incredibly easy to get the hang of. As well as this, this mic has extremely clear and versatile sound quality, particularly for its size. So, along with the easy to use software it comes with, you have it sounding excellent in no time at all.

Rode NT-USB – Best Premium Microphone

The Rode NT-USB is right at the expensive end of the USB microphone scene. However, it performs fantastically in a wide variety of scenarios, and a showcases genuinely awesome quality all round. Because of this, the Rode NT-USB is perhaps the best choice for those without a budget.

The build of the NT-USB positively emits excellence; the full aluminium body is encouragingly solid, and its slender form is incredibly sleek. As expected, it has the recording quality to match this. It employs a cardioid polar pattern, meaning the microphone captures only what is right in front of it. While this might not be for everyone, it shows how the Rode NT-USB is created for people who are serious about audio quality. It even comes packaged with a zero-latency cable.

Despite the air of elitism surrounding Rod’s microphone, it is in fact very easy to use. With its detachable pop filter, and two knobs (one for volume, one for focusing), you’ll find it very simple to get precisely the audio you desire.

Blue Yeti X – Best Microphone for Podcasting

Over the last decade, Blue Yeti have risen to the top of the USB microphone market, with their original microphone simply called the Blue yeti. In particular, it was a popular choice for people who wanted a no fuss mic for podcasting. However, as of last year they released the Blue Yeti X, which is an improvement on all fronts.

In terms of styling, the Blue Yeti X represents an evolution of the previous model. With sleek two tone paint, and new LEDs surrounding the volume knob, it looks undeniably cool. This knob also has added functionality; you can long press it to change what it adjusts on the fly. This can be headphone level, mic level, or monitoring levels. On top of this, the

recording quality of the X has improved over the previous model, too, meaning that you’ll sound loud and clear on your podcasts with ease.

Just like its predecessor, the Blue Yeti X has four different preset options for recording, all of which are distinct and allow for different uses. As well as this, the fantastic software which the mic comes with allows you to completely customize the voice quality, and the LED colors too. It’s super ergonomic and user friendly, meaning that you’ll have the mic set up for your exact needs in no time. So, although this mic may set you back $160, it has to be said that it’s worth it.

HyperX Quadcast – Best Microphone for Gaming

A microphone such as the HyperX Quadcast is a game changing experience in the competitive gaming community. It’ll allow your teammates to hear you with astonishing quality, and will eliminate any of those persistent issues you get with cheaper headsets. At

around $120, the Quadcast strikes a nice medium in price, particularly for a microphone specifically designed for gaming. One of the Quadcast’s best features is the stand it comes with. It has no direct hard contact with the microphone itself, which means an almost complete eradication of shock noise being transmitted. This means your teammates won’t have to put up with your background typing and tapping, no matter how ferocious it gets. As well as this, HyperX’s microphone boasts a 16-bit bitrate, and sample rate of 48KHz. This means that you will be heard perfectly clearly.

The microphone itself also showcases fantastic smart and ergonomic design. There’s a nice and large mute button on top, an adapter to fit it to a boom stand, and a knob on the back to switch between four different audio profiles. All of this makes for an all round premium microphone for gaming, and at a reasonable price.

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What is the best microphone for streaming?

This question comes down to you. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish will determine what you should select. If you are looking for a brand name that has been known in the streaming world. The Elgato Wave 3 and Blue Yeti are the best microphones for streamers. They provide you with the best overall experience and as many of the top twitch streamers use these microphones you know it will be great for your stream.

Leave a comment below on which microphone you are going to get!

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