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Why The Golf Ball Makes The Difference

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Can your golf ball really make a difference? Yes, it can. In fact, selecting the right ball might even save you more strokes than selecting the right driver. The reason is straightforward: Most golfers use their driver only 14 times per round.

The golf ball however is used for every stroke: For 300 yards drives and 30-inch puts … and for every single shot in between.

Selecting the right ball based on your skills and needs will help you with your game. No matter if you need 70 or 100 shots per round: The ball makes the difference. 

From the Tee

From the tee box, most golfers typically want a long and straight shot. Picking the right ball could not only help to increase the length of your drive by 30 yards or more, it can also reduce your slice or hook by up to 50%.


Shot into the Green

When approaching the green control is for most golfers more important than distance. But as different balls react differently to identical approach shots it is important to know how YOUR ball will react. Will it stop immediately? Will it run 30 yards beyond the green? Or will you be able to put some backspin on the ball and place it gently close to the pin even in difficult positions?


Put on the green

Do you know this situation: your ball is on the green?

Just a few yards away from the hole. This put is absolutely doable and could save your round.

You check the green. You are sure that it is a straight put. You hit it perfectly, but the ball misses the hole. It could be the green, it could be the wind, but it could be the ball.

In fact, this happened to Phil Young a while ago and was the beginning of a long success story in golf. One day Phil missed a “sure” put. He was so frustrated by this that he went home and X-rayed the ball. He figured out that the ball had an unevenly balanced core which caused it to go in curves whilst putting. The ambition to build an evenly balanced ball motivated him to found Titleist – today one of the leading golf ball manufacturers. 

The right ball for every player

Depending on your ability to play you can and should expect different features from your golf ball. We have therefore reviewed more than 50 different Golf Balls with the specific needs of different Golfers in mind. 

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