10 Most Popular Websites to Learn Coding in 2021


Table Of Contents

    1. Code Academy
    2. Microsoft Learn
    3. Edx
    4. Bit Degree
    5. Udemy
    6. YouTube
    7. Free Code Camp
    8. Solo Learn
    9. W3Schools
    10. Udacity

Studying the way to code can alternate your existence for suitable – for the higher. however, how are you going to discover the fine websites to examine coding from scratch as a newbie to acquire your dreams as quickly and without problems as viable?

The great free online coding sites for beginners are educational and perspective centers aimed to advance your knowledge and profession.

Gaining knowledge of code has grown through the years from just an interest to a career. these days, you could analyze coding online, totally without cost. long gone are the times in which knowing a programming language becomes reserved for the choose few or fee quite a hefty sum of money.

Programming has become far more important than it has ever been in the modern world. The majority of programming aspirants desire to improve their coding skills and have a better understanding of the fundamentals of programming.

But, there are such a lot of loose coding sources and training, and books to choose from. How do you know which are the best places to examine coding online?

Right here are Ten of the First-class websites to learn how to code without spending a So, to save you time, I conducted some research! dime–from simple programming tutorials to complete online coding publications.

To make things easier, I broke these study-to-code assets down based on the subject matter. Use the desk of contents below to leap around.

1. Code Academy

Codecademy is an extraordinary vicinity for beginner developers and programming lovers to invest their time and effort to enhance their coding abilities.

Codecademy gives free interactive sessions online in 12 different programming languages, together with Python, Java, pass, JavaScript, Ruby, sq., C++, C#, swift, and Sass, in addition to markup languages HTML and CSS.

Code Academy is one of the most famous websites in which human beings learn to code for free. extra than 24 million people have discovered to code the use of this platform.

Codecademy is a fantastic area for newbie developers and programming fans to invest their effort and time to decorate their coding capabilities. 

2. Microsoft Learn

Microsoft research is a free online platform that gives get entry to a fixed of education courses for the acquisition and development of digital abilities.

It combines brief schooling sessions, interactive coding environments, browser-primarily based scripting, and assignment-based success.

Microsoft learns mastering Paths are curated unfastened coding guides designed that will help you build precious competencies thru video tutorials, demos, assessments, and more.

You’ll also get the right of entry to unfastened e-books, useful downloads, and a community guide forum.

3. Edx

Edx provides authentic college-level courses from some of the world's greatest universities. In comparison to many other coding sites, the quality of the lectures and information is unquestionably superior.

Harvard and MIT were created Edx in 2012, and it now has over 90 partners all over the world.

On Edx, the course materials are free, and the platform is open source. For most courses, however, you can purchase a certified certificate to confirm course completion.


Overall, Edx is your go-to coding site if you're seeking for high-quality coding classes to learn about the latest technologies and theories.



4. Bit Degree

BitDegree is an excellent resource for web developers, coders, data scientists, and programmers.  

When it comes to learning, they have a distinct approach. They provide both traditional and gamified classes, with incentives and interactions as you go.

Another distinguishing element of BitDegree is the integration of blockchain technology into the educational process. This platform offers a variety of courses in the following areas:


  • HTML
  • CSS 
  • Git 
  • SQL


PHP and other programming languages.


The good thing about BitDegree is how much fun it makes learning. There are gamified courses and portions where you can fully immerse yourself in the fundamentals of coding. Furthermore,

The online coding course library frequently has hundreds of reduced selections for those on a budget.


5. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning portal with thousands of courses to choose from (not only programming). Although there are many premium courses available,

Finding free ones are really simple. Another unique characteristic of Udemy is that special offers and discounts are always available.

There are many tens of thousands of coding classes available. However, owing to Udemy's open re-view system, you'll have no trouble choosing the greatest courses available

Udemy is an online learning portal with thousands of courses to choose from (not only programming). Although there are many premium courses available, finding free ones is really simple. Another unique characteristic of Udemy is that special offers and discounts are always available.

There are many tens of thousands of coding classes available. However, owing to Udemy's open re-view system, you'll have no trouble choosing the greatest courses available.

The quality of Udemy courses varies greatly because anyone may design and publish a course.

6. Youtube

The YouTube partner software lets creators monetize their content on YouTube. Creators can share revenue from classified ads on their movies.

Creators also can proportion sales from YouTube top-class subscribers looking at their content material. you may practice enrolling in the YouTube associate application out of your account in YouTube Studio.

YouTube is one such site, with a lot of free programming and coding content which allows viewers to learn and code naturally while watching the video.

There is a tonne of great YouTube channels for learning programming, and we'll go over some of the finest ones in a separate piece where we'll recommend some of the best ones to subscribe to.

7. Free code camp


The various alternative in our free coding website list unfastened Code Camp is all approximately growing your coding know-how even as concurrently networking with different like-minded people inside the commercial enterprise answer

It allows you to examine coding by way of collaborating in demanding situations – which is right in case you need to put your abilities to take a look at it as quickly as potential


Responsive web design systems, algorithms and data structures for JavaScript, front-end development libraries, data visualizations, and data science, data analysis with Python, information security, APIs and microservices, machine learning with Python,

and much more are among the free verified certifications available on their website. 


8.  Solo learn

SoloLearn is a completely free platform for learning to code from the ground up. It is mobile-friendly, which is one of the best features. Its device is as well-liked as the website.


You can cooperate with other users in the Solo Learn Playground by sharing your codes. They also offer a wonderful blog that is updated on a regular basis with the latest technology news and coding techniques.

This platform provides a variety of programming language courses, including


  • Ruby
  • jQuery
  • HTML and CSS are two different types of markup languages.
  • PHP
  • Python
  • C++


9.  W3 School

it's miles the world's biggest internet development website that offers loose coding tutorials and reference materials for each net a  programming problem.

It comes prepared with tutorials, examples, assets, quizzes, and sporting activities to help you discover ways to code with most performance.

Then choose your preferred programming language. Then choose from a variety of learning alternatives or go right into the program.

    You can start by taking a quick quiz to assess how much you already know and where you should start. Alternatively, jump straight in and put your skills to the test with short examples and refresher activities.

    10.  Udacity 

    Udacity offers a big selection of character courses that are perfect for beginners. You’ll discover lots of free guides to learn the fundamentals of programming, net development, and laptop technological know-how.

    In reality, Udacity collaborates with major corporations such as Google, Facebook, and AT&T to provide courses that educate students for positions at these firms.

    Udacity additionally gives mini tech stages known as nano degrees. every nano degree teaches you relevant talents and programming languages to launch a career in a selected discipline, like

    system getting to know

    information technological know-how

    Android development

    iOS improvement etc.

    If you think that these websites are useful resources to share with any learn-mate then sharing them wisely.

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